Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crafting for Awareness

Did you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month? I didn't until I went into my local Cost Cutters for a trim and was asked to donate $1 toward the cause. When the manager informed me of a drawing being held at the end of the month for hair care products (from the names of all those who donated), and then handed me a teal awareness ribbon pin she crafted herself, I knew I could somehow be a part of this beyond my initial donation. So I offered to add to the drawing pot a teal scarf I had crocheted a while back, and a bracelet I put together comprised of remnant teal-ish beads.

I hope the scarf and bracelet keep their impending owners feeling warm and fashionable this fall and I pray that getting the word out on what Ovarian Cancer is and what some of the symptoms are will save at least one life.

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