Friday, May 01, 2009

And . . . Exhaaaaaaaaaaale

I've been a little on edge these past few weeks working on designs for the 2009 Bead Star contest and filling jewelry orders while my Etsy shop has been SCREEEEEEAMING for some eye-catching inventory. My knee jerk reaction has been to whip up some "quickies" to put in my shop. "Not so fast with the shortcuts" says that part of me most recently knee deep in beading components and joyfully designing its little heart out. Not only does shortcut thinking cheat me of the creative process I enjoy so very much but, from the evidential stash I have of sad looking, unsold "quickies" of years gone by, it appears to leave my family, friends and customers feeling rather uninspired as well.

So I've made a decision: I'm going to stick with the lengthy, frustrating and joy-filled design process that has served me well over the years. Yes, it will take me longer to achieve the goal of a well-stocked Etsy shop, but I'd rather have ten unique, quality pieces in there than forty unimaginative fillers. I'm hoping the results will be worth the wait.

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