Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yes friends, it’s that time of year again and I’m happy to report that a bracelet I submitted in the 2010 Bead Star competition made it to the finals! WOO HOO! Although I’m a little disappointed that two other pieces I submitted HAD also made it to the finals until a glitch in the submission process was rectified and they got bumped by more deserving designs, I’m grateful for the inadvertent insight I had in knowing I was “THIS CLOSE.” Had I missed that little window of opportunity to "peek" at the pre-glitch finalists, I would not have known where those pieces fell within the sea of submissions. Even disappointments come wrapped in blessings.

So now here comes the part where I ask you all for a HUGE (as in 5-minutes-worth-of-your-value-time HUGE) favor. If you have time to support this competition, please go to the Bead Star website now through June 9th, and click on the "Vote Now" box in the middle of the page. You will then be asked to provide your email address before the voting process begins and be required to vote for one design in each category. Your votes will only count once you've reached the end and have clicked the "Done" button. There are nine different categories with 20 entries in each. My entry is the heart bracelet pictured above === (#20) in the “Designs with Heart” category. If you like it, please vote for it. If not, please vote for your favorite. Either way, you’ve got the power to turn someone into a BEAD STAR!

THANK YOU and feel free to pass this on to anyone and EVERYONE you think may be interested in voting. =D

P.S. -- Here are the two that got away . . .

. . . and one that never made it . . .


Kim's Crafty Apple said...

VOTED! Congratulations on making the final. I had fun looking at all the different pieces.

Bead Lola Bead said...

Thanks Kim! =D

Denise Yezbak Moore said...

Hi Lola
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to see who the other Bead Star designers are. Congratulations on your design.

I am following your blog now!