Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I had been doing quite a bit of thinking about my Bead Lola Bead brand and what logo and packaging I wanted to use. I considered size, color, type, font, paper, stickers, shape, etc. to the point where I honestly thought my head would explode from all the possibilities.

And then I received this package.

How delightful is that?!

Oh-so-simple, yet oh-so-lovely!

Just seeing this package exfoliated the plethora of packaging possibilities from my brain and awakened a desire for simplicity. (Which, by the way, led me to believe that Arbonne's products are far more effective than even they imagined, seeing that the product contained within this lovely packaging was a Sea Salt Scrub with an Awaken Essential Oil Blend and I didn't even have to actually open the package for the magic to begin. But, I digress . . . )

Even the back of this packaging is cute!

But my favorite component is the double-duty tag, with company information on one side and plenty of space for a note on the other. Pretty AND efficient.

So now I'm off to start finalizing the details of my own simple packaging. I'll post pictures soon . . .

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