Friday, December 03, 2010

Ready! Set! Swap!

Last night I put the finishing touches on my little contributions to the Creative Color Challenge Ornament Swap (Last Minute Lola rides again!) and I will be photographing and mailing them out later today.

But before I do that I MUST share with you the lovely contents of the first ornament swap package I received!!! I dare you not to feel the happiness that Juliette Crane poured into these lovely little creations! Seriously, look at those delightful faces!

And this little beauty?
She's the newest addition to our Christmas tree this year. How can the Holidays NOT be Happy with this little angel hanging around?
But as beautiful as this artwork is, the stitching and texture of the piece have me totally gaga as well. Apparently it's the beeswax pellets that have been ironed onto this ornament that beg me to run my fingers over it every time I pass by. I truly love it!

Thank you Juliette for sharing your beautiful art this holiday season!


Juliette Crane said...

i am so happy you are loving your ornament, lola! thank you so much for posting these photos! i can't wait to see your ornament creations as well!

it's been so wonderful to connect with you! i would love to run into you at one of the local art fairs :)

best wishes, juliette

Bead Lola Bead said...

It's been wonderful connecting with you too! Looking forward to seeing your work in Somerset Studio and Artful Blogging magazines! Spring must be your favorite season!

Your newest fan,
~ Lola