Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mayday! Mayday!

What a crazy busy couple of months it has been! It seems as though all I do is blink and *POOF* another month has gone by! As an organizationally challenged individual, I find that extreme levels of activity and busyness jam my creative signals and shift me into survival mode. I don’t do well in survival mode. It just isn’t any fun there.

So this month I’ve been working diligently on finding new and creative ways to rein in the chaos. First stop: my calendar. I gave up on the computer generated version I was (unsuccessfully) using before, and now print out a blank calendar and use different colored markers to hand write the daily appointments and activities. What a difference a few colorful markers can make!!!

Now, instead of reading uniform calendar entries and trying to organize them in my head (bad, bad, BAD idea), my May entries are in full, colorful bloom and are instantly informative: blue is for baseball and recycling, green is for soccer and garbage pick up, red and orange are school related items, etc. Who knew such a small change could be so liberating! I find the definitive colors to be calming and effective in allowing me to quickly identify the details of the day.

I also find that spending less time worrying about forgetting to do something, means I have more time to focus on actually doing something. Like BEADING!!!!! And that makes me very, very happy! And you know what makes me even happier? Finishing the Radmila earrings I promised to all ten lovely ladies who commented on this original blog post.

I’ve already sent five of the ten pairs out to those I know “in real life” and/or whose addresses I had (Kathy, Kathi, Rose, Rae and Jean), and I will be contacting the others shortly. I know it’s taken me much longer than I anticipated to complete these earrings, but I didn’t realize just how many wire crocheted “doilies” I was going to have to make before I had two doilies that looked enough alike to be paired together. How many you ask? Definitely more than I thought, but well worth the time, because I now have a pattern and rhythm that will serve me well in filling future orders.

In the meantime, I’ve got a special order that requires my immediate attention. It’s a design and color combination I’ve been struggling with, but I do believe this beautiful tulip I plucked from my garden may very well be the inspiration I need . . . =D

Enjoy the day!

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~RaenWa~ said...

I received my earring the other day sorry I didn't get a chance to email you I am under the weather at the moment.