Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coffee as Fuel

I really love coffee. The smell, the taste, the way the creamer swirls in it to reveal a lovely caramel color, the caffeine -- all of it. It's really very much a part of my morning and sometimes even afternoon routine.

So today when I was not allowed to have coffee because of some testing . . . well, I was NOT a happy camper. Nor was I an energetic camper either because not only does "America Run on Dunkin" but apparently Lola does too!

And that is why I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when I can fire up the coffee pot and start my day the right way: with a nice strong cup of coffee embellished with a bit of cream and sweetener.

Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head tonight, it will be coffee beans jumping about in my coffee grinder.

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