Thursday, July 28, 2011


Tomorrow I start a new med and supplement regimen designed by the naturopathic doctor I'm currently seeing. None of these natural meds have the nausea/sweating/weight gain/etc. side effects of some of the other meds I tried in the past. Also, these meds and supplements are specifically tailored to correct the deficiencies of MY body -- not some unconfirmed diagnosis. My ND is so certain this is going to help me feel better in about a week from now, she asked that I call her if I don't notice any changes by then.

I have been seeing various doctors and have had a battery of tests over the past five years trying to find a reason for, and some relief from, all the pain and weakness I've been experiencing, and now I'm only one week away from potentially feeling better?

Yes, definitely hopeful!


Mimi said...

Good luck Lola!! I really hope you are feeling better soon. Mimi

Bead Lola Bead said...

Thanks Mimi! I might be a completely different person by the time you return from your travels! [fingers crossed] =D