Sunday, July 31, 2011

I DID IT!!! (Well, almost . . .)

I don't quite know what happened yesterday, but I totally forgot to do my daily post! Twenty-nine straight days of blogging and I FORGET on the 30th day -- the second last day of the NaBloPoMo daily blogging challenge? I mean really, ONE stinking day shy of successfully completing the challenge?!? Yup, one stinkin' day.

But . . .

For 30 out of 31 days I DID post something on my blog. I pushed myself. I (rather desperately at times) searched for ideas. I put a little bit more of myself into it. And in the end I realized that I definitely can blog more often, and about more topics, than I used to. I probably won't continue to blog every single day, but I'm thinking I can maintain a several-times-a-week posting schedule. That would definitely be better than my previous once or twice-a-month schedule!

So on this last day of July I want to say thank you NaBloPoMo for the monthly challenges you offer. I'm going to let the lessons of (almost) completing the posting challenge this month settle a bit before I participate again. But I will participate again . . . and I will successfully complete it. I'm thinking February might be a good month for me . . . =D

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