Monday, August 15, 2011

Deadlines Rock!

I really and truly thought that after (almost) successfully completing the NaBloPoMo challenge in July, I would have spent more time blogging in August. By the looks of those whopping two posts so far this month, I think I may have burned myself out instead. In my defense, though, I was busier than usual these past few weeks. No really, I was! The lazy days of summer went on hiatus as my oldest son worked ten out of the eleven days of the Wisconsin State Fair, and I was his on-call, pay-me-in-deep-fried-foods-on-a-stick-and-cream-puffs chauffer. Two days into the fair my daughter got hit hard by a very nasty virus that had her working through fevers ranging from 100 to 104 degrees for SEVEN consecutive days!!! We rewarded her back-to-normal status today with a painful, two-hour stint in the orthodontist’s chair. Yes, we love her that much.

So, while my kids were doing their thing, I was busy working on two design challenges (more to come on those) and other various time-sensitive projects, all while trying to cope with my whacked out thyroid and perpetual Fibromyalgia flare ups. Some days, just staying alive the entire 24 hours of a day during a flare is all the goal I can set and achieve. Autoimmune diseases really cramp my style.

Deadlines, however? Well, they do a good job of keeping me on track and getting me to push through the pain. Which, to be honest, is something I am very grateful for and why I like to sign up for contests and challenges. I love the beading community and I don’t know that I would be doing as much Bead-Lola-Beading without them! Check out this post by Michelle Mach if you happen to be looking for some motivational opportunities yourself.

Speaking of challenges, tomorrow is the big reveal of the Mostly Metal Design Challenge hosted by Michelle. I really enjoyed this challenge and the materials I was given to work with, and I can't wait to see what everyone created! I'll be posting my own design, along with the links to the blogs of the 17 other participants here tomorrow, so I hope you'll check back then!

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