Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party . . . Reflection

***** If you’re still blog hopping like I am, here’s the link to my reveal post *****
It’s been a week since all the Bead Soup Blog Party peeps revealed their designs, and some serious blog hopping began.  Things have definitely slowed down, but I am still plugging along until I visit each and every blog.  Although I’m only half way through the hopping process, I already know two things I will be doing differently next time.
One:  I will not lose my mind thinking that I have to use the focal and the clasp IN THE SAME PIECE.  I knew we could make more than one piece, but when it came to the clasp and focal, the IN-THE-SAME-PIECE part was my own inadvertent, self-imposed restriction.  I don’t know when, where, how or why I boxed myself in like that, but when I saw that other party goers used those two components in two separate pieces, I had a major forehead-slapping, Homer-Simpson "D'OH!" moment. 
Although I think I did a good job of showcasing the gorgeous focal and clasp my partner Therese sent me, I believe each component deserved to be its own superstar.  Live and learn, right?
Two:  I will personalize the bead soup mix I send out to my partner with unique elements and components made by me.  Although I have no idea exactly what that would consist of, those bloggers who included their own handcrafted beads, metal components and/or focal pieces into the soups they shared with others, ignited a desire in me to be just like them if when I grow up!  Seriously, there is some crazy awesome talent out there, and I have got oh-so-much to learn!
So, while I’m finishing my blog hopping, and dreaming about handcrafting my own components, I hope you’ll be enjoying the remainder of the weekend and dreaming about whatever it is that makes you happy!
Happy dreaming and creating!


Therese's Treasures said...

Lola, This has been a learning experience for me too, but being that it was our first time to this challenge, I think that we did an awesome job. There are a few things I plan to do differently next time also.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

I'm with ya! This was my first experience too and boy was it eye opening! I had a total blast though and feel so fortunate to find such cool people (and cool blogs like yours). Huge learning experience! :)

Lori Anderson, Pretty Things said...

Oh I'm so sorry, I thought you were getting those mass emails I was sending saying you didn't have to use the focal and the clasp together! You did a WONDERFUL job! Don't be so hard on yourself!!!!