Saturday, October 01, 2011

From D'OH to DIY . . .

It appears I've passed the forehead-slapping, Homer-Simpson "D'OH" gene I mentioned in my last post onto my oldest child.  Genetics is funny that way!

You see, today is my son's high school homecoming.  As I type this, he is off enjoying the fruits of his labor as a homecoming committee member.  Because his attention was so focused on getting things ready for the 70's themed dance (a decade my 16 year-old is inexplicably drawn to), he completely forgot about getting a wrist corsage for his date.

Being the "D'OH" gene carrier that I am, I, of course, wasn't ready for this . . . even though it happened exactly this way LAST year!  Thankfully, I had a bit of experience on my side and was able to whip this up after about three or four attempts:

Oh, and I totally get bonus points for finding Gerbera daisies that not only (hopefully) match his date's "peachy pink" dress, but also match the crazy red table-cloth-like suit that someone convinced him he HAD to wear!

Sometimes a D'OH moment is just a DIY opportunity in disguise!  Of course that's not what I was thinking as I was running around getting all the necessary bits and pieces, but time has a way of changing ones perspective . . . and of unclenching ones jaw. =D

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Therese's Treasures said...

Great job Lola, and I think it will go well with her dress and his not so fashionable suit. I am not one to judge knowing some of the things I used to wear in the 70's. LOL