Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day #2 ~ Virtual Craft Show

It's Day #2 of the Virtual Craft Show and my shop is one of the ten that are featured!  I am so excited!  Ten new artists = ten new giveaways so please check out this post on Lori Anderson's Pretty Things Blog when you can and, if you like what you see, comment and spread the word for chances to win. 

Today I've got my eye on the magazines being given away by Pam Sears, the holiday beads by Sue Kennedy and the polymer clay components by Tania Spivey.  There are, however, other lovely giveways as well . . . liiiiiiiiike my rings for example!  =D

So go take a peek at today's Virtual Craft Show participants and check out their shops.  I'll be adding items throughout the week and throughout the holiday season, so please check back often.

Happy shopping and best of luck for those going for the win!

1 comment:

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Lola, I have been shopping already this morning and I love what I got from your shop. I can not wait to get my ring and show it off and tell everyone where I got it from.