Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"Vintage Beads From Europe"

A while ago the lovely and generous Vente of Vintage Beads from Europe sent me a sampling of her beads to play with and write about.

Although I'm not one to seek out vintage beads, I found a comforting familiarity with these as I sorted through all the wonderful colors.

When I realized the comforting familiarity stemmed from my own vintage status, well I had to laugh.

And then I had to make something. So I picked out two sets of beads I couldn't resist, and made myself some earrings.

They're as light as they are beautiful, and quickly becoming favorites.

Would you like to make some vintage bead designs of your own with the remainder of this delightful stash? In keeping with Vente's generous spirit, I'd love to pass these beads on to someone who either already loves vintage or someone who, like me, is new to it. If you're interested, please leave a comment below, and I will pick a winner on Sunday, November 6th.

Bead the Possibilities! ~ Lola


SoulsFireDesigns said...

I love the earrings you made, both are very elegant, very beautiful :). I both love vintage... and have never really gotten a chance to use it, not in my jewelry making. But I think it would be incredibly fun to do! :)

char said...

Your earrings turned out great. I also love to use vintage beads in my work, mostly in my bead embroidery. What a nice gift from your friend.

Beetique said...

The earrings are beautiful and I love vintage beads and vintage jewelry.

Christine said...

Your earrings are lovely!! I LOVE all things vintage & reworking/upcycling/recycling vintage finds. Your collection of beads are wonderful!!

Kym Hunter Designs said...

That is a beautiful collection of beads! I really like how your earrings turned out. I love jewelry made with vintage beads, but haven't used them in my own jewelry yet. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Cynthia Cottrell said...

I would love to see the little boy featured on KTIV news tonight win these beads in honor of his love for his big sister whom is dying of a terimal disease.
His email is as follows
link to his story is as follows
these beads are beautiful and would make a great addition to his collection for a cause.