Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One Little Word 2012

Last year I participated in Ali Edwards' One Little Word. It was my first time choosing a word for the year and it seemed to take me forever to finally settle on the word "RECEIVE." Thankfully, the word served me well throughout 2011 and worked to keep me open to learning from the people, experiences, opportunities and lessons ~ both good and not so good ~ that entered my life. The gifts were limitless. Some even overwhelming. Strung together, they worked to make me a better, more grateful person.

As I compare last year's One Little Word experience to the New Year's Resolution experiences of years gone by, I realize that my One Little Word held far more possibilities than all the resolutions I could come up with. With my resolutions, only success or failure was possible. With my One Little Word, anything was possible.

That is why this year I'm once again going the One Little Word route.  As I perused the words used by last year's participants for some ideas, the moment my eyes landed on "SPARKLE" I knew it was the word for me!  I mean why not have a sparkly life to match some of my sparkly jewelry?!?!?!?!

To shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem
to effervesce
to be brilliant, lively, vivacious
to cause to sparkle

The last part -- to cause to sparkle -- is my favorite.  Yes, I want my life to sparkle, but I also want others' lives to sparkle too.  I want to create sparkle, not just in jewelry for others to wear, but in spirit for others to hold, carry and pass on.

Do YOU have One Little Word?  If so, what is it?  If not, what would you like it to be?  Although I won't be taking Ali's class again this year (I'm just going to follow last year's prompts), if you like the idea of One Little Word and are interested in a creative way of focusing on your word throughout the year, check out Ali Edwards' One Little Word blog posts here and get class and registration information with Big Picture Classes here.  I really enjoyed last year's class and found Ali to be an authentic, organized, live-in-the-moment inspiration.

Sparkle On! *♥*


Therese's Treasures said...

Lola, Very good word and I must say you have already sprinkled sparkles all over me! ;-)

Bead Lola Bead said...

Therese, you don't even have to focus on the word Sparkle . . . it just seems to come naturally to you! =D

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I like your choice, "sparkle" encapsulates much of what I had in mind in a very positive way.