Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm a Featured Designer ... Squeeeeee!

I am so very honored and excited to be the Designer Highlight in the May 2012 issue of Bead Trends!

When Tatia Meyer contacted me about being the designer highlight, I darn near lost my mind! Seriously?!?!?! Me?!?!?!?! My first instinct was to boldly go where I had never gone before with my designs and techniques. When my head returned to earth a few hours later, I realized that the looming deadline would not allow for that. Panicked and unsure of what to submit, I ultimately decided to use this opportunity to share my favorite designs ... the ones that most accurately reflect my creative journey thus far.   I haven't received a copy of the magazine or my jewelry yet, but I do have a few presubmission photos for a few of the pieces in the May issue.

The first piece of jewelry I ever created was a beaded, wire-crocheted bracelet.  I loved it so much, I made a bazillion more and gave them as gifts.  I really love playing around with beads, wire and crochet motifs, trying to come up with unique designs.  The pendant and earring dangles below were created by crocheting with gold wire and shimmery red/gold seed beads.

Needing a break from crocheting with wire (and time for those blisters to heal! =), I moved on to simple, symmetrical stringing.  Although I created many bracelets with claps and toggles, those that were strung on strong elastic were scooped up first by my customers.  This style is perfect for those like myself who prefer to, literally, throw on their jewelry. 

Then one day I started thinking about rings.  What started out as a swag-bag, bling-ring idea for an Oscar party, turned into my passion and my favorite piece of jewelry to make!  Made with elastic cord, my rings are blingy, comfortable, and great for those who suffer from arthritis. According to my customers, they even remain comfortable after an indulgent dinner/night out! 

I can't tell you how many rings I've made over the years, but I can tell you that I am not even close to being done.  Exhibit A:  seed bead weaving.  Oh. The. Possibilities.  The ring below is a very simple peyote stitch with a "ruffle" made out of metal hex delica beads.  I hope it is the first of many more designs to come.

Thank you so much for letting me share my journey and Designer Highlight excitement with you!  I really appreciate it! =).


Therese's Treasures said...

OH WOW! Lola, I am so very excited for you. I will be going out to get a copy of this issue. I love the pieces I have of yours and the pink bling ring you made for me is my favorite and is so comfortable to wear. Congratulations Girlfriend!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Lola - I just received my copy in the mail yesterday. Turned to the page with my earrings (Lisa Lodge), and right next to it was your feature. Congratulations on being the featured designer! I loved all of your pieces. Lots of variety, great combinations of colors, really beautiful creations.

Cindy Cima said...

Congrats! I saw all your beautiful designs in the issue and love them all!

Christine Altmiller said...

Lola! This is such great news!!! I am WOOT WOOT-ing for you :-)
I love those crochet earrings. They would be in my ears several days a week. And I love the silver ring. What a simple but eye catching style! I am partial to bands and that pulled me in right away.
Congrats on the feature!!

Halinka said...

Great News and I've read it now:-(
I'd like to Congratulate You on that Great Event.You really create wonderful things,which have got the special'soul'.I love Your Work.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-