Friday, March 01, 2013

The Challenge of Music

Several weeks ago, I had only heard the online rumblings about the television show Downton Abbey.  People were really loving this show and the more passionate they became about it, the more I knew I had to see what the fuss was all about.  After watching all three seasons -- the first on Netflix, the second thanks to a friend's DVD and the third at -- I now totally get it, and love it!

I'm also now captivated by the opening theme tune ... hearing it signifies that new adventures are about to be begin!  It's the main instrumental my ears have been exposed to lately and, although the visual aspects of the show contributed to my design (how could they not!), the music truly was my initial inspiration.  Of course it totally helped that this beautiful bracelet slide by Halcraft was at the top of my bead stash, begging to become a part of Downton Abbey too!

Do you think Lady Grantham and Lady Mary would consider wearing this over one of their long and luxurious black gloves?  I do! =) 

Now let's see what music others have been inspired by and what they've created ...

Erin Prais-Hintz
Alenka Obid
Ali McCarthy
Alicia Marinache
Amy Severino
Amy Grass
Carolyn Lawson
Cece Cormier
Cynthia Riggs
Ema Kilroy
Emanda Johnson
Emma Todd
Erin Kenny
Evelyn Shelby
Evie and Beth McCord
Gerd Andersson
Holly Westfall
Jennifer Justman
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Jess Green
Judy Campbell
Karla Morgan
Kay Thomerson
Kristina Johansson
Lola Surwillo
Lynn White
Malin de Koning
Mallory Hoffman
Mary K McGraw
Melissa Meman
Melissa Trudinger
Michelle Escano
Michelle Bourbonniere
Michelle Heim
Michelle Mach
Molly Alexander
Molly Schaller
Monique Urquhart
Niky Sayers
Pam Farren
Rebecca Anderson
Sally Russick
Sharon Palac
Sharon Driscoll
Susan Kennedy
Tari Kahrs
Tracy Stillman
Veralynne Malone


Christine Altmiller said...

Lola~I know nothing of the show other than the name and that I probably will do a marathon of it at some point in my life. But I do know that This Ring is Gorgeous! Bold and Beautiful!

Shel said...

Oh my - your ring is gorgeous Lola!! I LOVE it. As for the show,..only watched a couple of episodes of the first season but I know if I watch more, that I will be hooked!

Cynthia said...

Love Downton Abbey, and I totally picture your ring on the finger of Maggie Smith character!! She's always got loads of sparkle!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Love you ring and love the show. Your ring is dead on for the show! Stunningly beautiful!

Amy said...

You better believe Lady Grantham or Lady Mary would wear that ring. It's spectacular! I love that theme song too and I can't deny my piece for this challenge was influenced by the show as well!

Mary K. McGraw said...

I am a big fan of Downton Abbey. I think your ring depicts the era very well and the ladies would love fabulous wearing your ring.

Designed by Vera said...

I have heard of the show, I guess I will have to watch it to see what the fuss is about. I do know enough to know that Lady Grantham or Lady Mary would be out of character if they did not where that ring. That ring is stellar! Great job!

Maneki said...

Downton seems to be very popular in the US, well at least I keep seeing it mentioned on blogs. I've only seen 3/4 of an episode so at least I'm not at a complete loss about what you're talking about (apart from not knowing the name of the characters).

Your rings looks very elegant and beautiful -- it'd be perfect in a setting such as Downton Abbey! Great job!

Monique said...

I'd love to see your gorgeous ring on the show, Lola... it would definitely fit right in! I love the opening sequence, but I know it means "hurry and finish whatever you're doing 'cause your butt is in that chair for the next HOUR". (We watch it on PBS so no commercial breaks!)

Jennifer said...

Yes - I can see Cora in that ring, or even the Dowager Countess. Well done, you!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Nice Rock! I haven't succumbed to Downton Abbey yet but when I do I know I'll be hooked considering all of the "buzz". I love the bling you created - very nice.

Molly Alexander said...

Ooooooo! So beautiful! You've inspired me to get on Netflix and finally start watching the show! I love your design - you have so much beady talent! Beautiful!

:) Molly

rosebud101 said...

Now, that IS Downton Abbey!!

Caron Michelle said...

Stunning - adore this!

Michelle Mach said...

Wow, I love this ring! Such beautiful beading around the focal and a terrific match for the music.

The Crafty Mama said...

Hi! I love your ring. Classy and classic! Would it be okay for me to post a picture of it on the Halcraft Facebook page? I added a link to your blog, but I'd love to feature it in the photos section, too.
Would you mind sending me your email address?

EmandaJ said...

I could see your bling on the finger of the Dowager countess as she emerges from mourning. Fantastic!

Jess Green said...

I'm gonna have to watch this Downton Abbey aren't I?! It is certainly inspiring for many in the jewellery making community!

That is a smashing ring, I sure would love to ear it over my long black silk gloves!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a family heirloom! The nice thing is that we can create our own jewelry and make it look like it came from a Greatgrandmother who was a Countess. Your ring is absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

now that AWESOME!!!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Oh Lola! What a gorgeous piece! I could absolutely see either of them wearing it <3

TesoriTrovati said...

I have never seen the show either. But I love period pieces like this so I will surely have to rent a season to see what all the fuss is about! I do love the blingy slides from Halcraft and have been working with them a lot this past year for my role with Bead Gallery and Michaels. I would have have thought of making a ring from one! Clever! I do think that it would look right at home on the hand of one of these characters! Thank you for sharing this beautiful and haunting theme music and your pretty bauble with the world! So glad you joined me in the Challenge. Enjoy the day. Erin

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Lola,
I'm so far behind on reading my blogs so I apologize for not being here sooner, my friend. I love Downton Abby I am so hooked, but I have not had time to view all of the third season yet. Yes I think Lady Grantham or Lady Mary would wear this gorgeous ring and I also think that the daughters would swipe it to wear it also! Bravo on a very beautiful creation.
Oh and now the theme song is playing through my head I think tonight is going to be a catch up on Downton Abby!